Get $500 After Your 20th Trip

Already a rideshare driver? Great! We're giving experienced rideshare drivers like you $500 after you sign up to drive with Uber and complete your 20th trip. To qualify, you must prove you have driven BEFORE 3/31/15 on another ridesharing platform.

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Make More Money

Drivers are making more money than ever on the Uber platform. With Uber, you’ll enjoy total flexibility and more fares. Take your ridesharing game to the next level by partnering with the biggest ridesharing movement in the world.

Way More Riders

Every minute, people are requesting Ubers in cities all over the world, and more riders mean more fares. Stay busier on the road and turn your car into a money making machine.

Frequently asked questions
Coming From Other Ridesharing Platforms
Can I refer my friends from other ridesharing companies?
Can I still use my own phone to drive?
What do I need to do to qualify for the referral reward?