Welcome to the Rider Growth team page

Our mission is to move every existing and prospective rider up the engagement lifecycle by building and utilizing growth platforms.

We strive to understand our customers’ needs completely in order to inform our decision making process, thereby ensuring we build features and services that best serve them. As a fast-paced team, we tackle opportunities, both large and small, to propel ridership growth at Uber.

Our cross-functional team is comprised of back-end engineers, mobile engineers, data scientists, designers, product managers, marketing managers, and user researchers.

Engineers’ work varies from building foundational services to support our team’s initiatives, crafting machine learning models to intelligently assist users, or architecting platform frameworks to serve the needs of teams across the company. Our engineers construct stable and extensible solutions that stand the test of time and continually iterate by running rapid experiments for performance and user experience improvement.

If you’re a senior engineer, passionate about building products at global scale using cutting-edge technologies, and care deeply about providing great user experiences—send us a note with your resume at join-rider-growth@uber.com!